About Us

Ashom Combined of real estate is Kuwaiti company was based on a firm foundation of the great expertise of the Board of Directors in all areas of the company's business and it's a real estate company Kuwaiti specializes in using its expertise to serve the Kuwaiti citizens and residents alike as it provides residential and investment opportunities in good and safe way for investors in addition to professional work by fine-tuning the executive body of the company allowing them to grow and remarkable development in its business to become one of the largest and most specialized in the field of real estate marketing companies The company did not hesitate to provide better services to its customers both inside and outside Kuwait, Which attract the elite of discerning customers where the company has become the competitors Introduction

We, at ASHOM Estate aim to be the pillar of success and are unparalleled when it comes to the Real Estate business. We are professionally acclaimed worldwide, a globally recognized institution, ISO Certified and an award winning company. We are known not only for meeting, but also, exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations. Our goal is to succeed, enabling our diverse team of valued employees to hold great accountability towards our prized customers. ASHOM Estate aims high, with integrity, diversification, consistency, high standards, principles, and outstanding customer service.

ASHOM Estate is your personalized Real Estate Broker. We have redefined business standards through impartiality and honesty. We undergo each deal with integrity and are determined to bestow unrelenting, effective, and efficient customer serve. Through our highly trained and qualified agents coupled with our team of a dynamic staff, the service you receive is incomparable to that of our competitors. Management endeavors are not limited to our company’s constant growth, but also to the continuous training of every member of our team, hence reassuring your confidence in us as your leading real estate broker. Exceeding customer expectations on every service we off

Our Skills

Since our launch until today Ashom Combined Company is proud of accuracy in the work and trust and care, which is keen to provide it to their clients, who hold the top spot in all their efforts and expertise, and our commitment to our customers to provide the best requires us to strive always to gain more experience and craft to continuously develop our capabilities in order to meet our obligations and to overcome any challenges the future may be imposed

  • Marketing 70%
  • Development 90%
  • Business 65%
  • Trading 80%

Our Services

Brokerage Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

• Highly Trained Professional Brokers • Property appraisal • Sales & Leasing Services • Marketing & Advertising of Property • Property Conveyance service • Completion of all relative transactions

Developers Services

• Property sales and Marketing services • Research & Development • Developing Creative Marketing Strategy

Real Estate Investment Consultancy

• Work with reputable financial advisers, stock brokers and wealth management experts • Guarantee a high return on your Investment • Offer a wide range of Real Estate investments

Property Management

• Full Service Management Solutions • Rentals, Tenancy Contracts & Renewals • Tenant Management – property preparation, repairs, key handover,payments, deposits • DE WA Connection • Detailed Property Inspection & Reporting • Landscaping & Maintenance

Home Insurance Advice

• Home Insurance Services provide trusted external partners • Provide all documentation on behalf of owner

Independent Escrow Account for Re-sales

• Partnered with entrust & Title • Escrow & Title Conveyance Services • Safe, Legal, & Easy way to transfer ownership of property

Our partners

Acquires Ashom Combined Company of the projects exclusively through our partners to choose from among experienced and professionalism in the work of real estate services at the international level in order to provide better services to our customers Shares of the company are linked in close partnership strategy with leading companies in the field of real estate development companies and have the same vision and values and history in the credibility and track record of successful achievements in the real estate market

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Phone : 0096522204031

Email : info@ashom-kw.com

Address : Kuwait – Murgab – Mosque Square – Abdullah al Mubarak St Ashbilia Tower – Floor No. 3 – Office No 6.